Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 Cbufinfo_TStructure passed around between undofile functions
 CcmdnameStructure for command definition
 CContainerStackItemHelper structure for container_struct
 Cdict_watcherStructure holding dictionary watcher
 Cdictvar_SStructure representing a Dictionary
 CEncodedDataHelper structure for vim_to_object
 CexargArguments used for Ex commands
 Cexpr_ast_nodeStructure representing one AST node
 CExprASTStructure representing complety AST for one expression
 CExprASTErrorAST error definition
 CFileDescriptorStructure used to read from/write to file
 CFileIDStruct which encapsulates inode/dev_id information
 CFileInfoStruct which encapsulates stat information
 CfilemarkStructure defining single local mark
 CFileMarksStructure that holds one file marks
 CfstStructure holding VimL function definition
 Cfuncdict_T< Structure used by trans_function_name()
 Chist_entryHistory entry definition
 Chm_llist_entryOne entry in sized linked list
 CHMLListSized linked list structure for history merger
 Cht_stack_SStructure used for explicit stack while garbage collecting hash tables
 Ckmap_TStructure used for b_kmap_ga.ga_data
 CLastSetStores an identifier of a script or channel that last set an option
 CLexExprTokenLexer token
 Clist_stack_SStructure used for explicit stack while garbage collecting lists
 CListReaderStateStructure defining state for read_from_list()
 CListSortItemStructure representing one list item, used for sort array
 Cllpos_TSame as lpos_T, but with additional field len
 CLuaTablePropsDetermine, which keys lua table contains
 CmemfileA memory file
 CMPConvStackValStructure representing current VimL to messagepack conversion state
 Cmsg_histMessage history for :messages
 CObjPopStackItemHelper structure for nlua_pop_Object
 CParserInputReaderStructure defining input reader
 CParserLineOne parsed line
 CParserPositionParser position in the input
 CParserStateStructure defining parser state
 CParserStateItemParser state item
 CPossiblyFreedShadaEntryShadaEntry structure that knows whether it should be freed
 Cpumitem_TUsed for popup menu items
 Csd_read_defStructure containing necessary pointers for reading ShaDa files
 Csd_write_defStructure containing necessary pointers for writing ShaDa files
 Csearchit_arg_TOptional extra arguments for searchit()
 CShadaEntryStructure defining a single ShaDa file entry
 Csorti_TStruct to store info to be sorted
 Csortinfo_TStruct storing information about current sort
 CspatStructure containing last search pattern and its attributes
 CStlClickDefinitionStatus line click definition
 CStlClickRecordUsed for tabline clicks
 Csubflags_TFlags kept between calls to :substitute
 CSubReplacementStringPrevious :substitute replacement string definition
 CTVPopStackItemHelper structure for nlua_pop_typval
 Ctypval_TStructure that holds an internal variable value
 CufuncStructure to hold info for a user function
 CValuesStackItemHelper structure for values struct
 Cvimconv_TStructure used for string conversions
 CxfilemarkStructure defining extended mark (mark with file name attached)
 CyankregDefinition of one register