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1 #ifndef NVIM_EVAL_H
2 #define NVIM_EVAL_H
4 #include "nvim/hashtab.h" // For hashtab_T
5 #include "nvim/buffer_defs.h"
6 #include "nvim/ex_cmds_defs.h" // For exarg_T
7 #include "nvim/eval/typval.h"
8 #include "nvim/profile.h"
9 #include "nvim/garray.h"
10 #include "nvim/event/rstream.h"
11 #include "nvim/event/wstream.h"
12 #include "nvim/channel.h"
13 #include "nvim/os/stdpaths_defs.h"
15 #define COPYID_INC 2
16 #define COPYID_MASK (~0x1)
18 // All user-defined functions are found in this hashtable.
19 extern hashtab_T func_hashtab;
21 // From user function to hashitem and back.
23 #define UF2HIKEY(fp) ((fp)->uf_name)
24 #define HIKEY2UF(p) ((ufunc_T *)(p - offsetof(ufunc_T, uf_name)))
25 #define HI2UF(hi) HIKEY2UF((hi)->hi_key)
28 typedef enum {
29  VAR_FLAVOUR_DEFAULT = 1, // doesn't start with uppercase
30  VAR_FLAVOUR_SESSION = 2, // starts with uppercase, some lower
31  VAR_FLAVOUR_SHADA = 4 // all uppercase
35 typedef enum {
107  VV__NULL_LIST, // List with NULL value. For test purposes only.
108  VV__NULL_DICT, // Dictionary with NULL value. For test purposes only.
121 } VimVarIndex;
124 typedef enum {
134 #define LAST_MSGPACK_TYPE kMPExt
142 typedef int (*ArgvFunc)(int current_argcount, typval_T *argv,
143  int called_func_argcount);
146 # include "eval.h.generated.h"
147 #endif
148 #endif // NVIM_EVAL_H
Definition: eval.h:77
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Definition: eval.h:93
Definition: eval.h:38
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Definition: eval.h:109
Definition: eval.h:64
Structure that holds an internal variable value.
Definition: typval.h:123
Definition: eval.h:85
Definition: eval.h:87
typval_T argv[MAX_FUNC_ARGS+1]
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enum used by var_flavour()
Definition: eval.h:28
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Definition: eval.h:92
#define EXTERN
Definition: macros.h:7
Definition: eval.h:45
Definition: eval.h:72
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hashtab_T func_hashtab
Definition: eval.c:203
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Definition: eval.h:125
Definition: eval.h:44
Definition: eval.h:117
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Structure to hold info for a user function.
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Definition: eval.h:110
Definition: eval.h:30
Definition: eval.h:31
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EXTERN ufunc_T dumuf
Definition: eval.h:22
Defines for Vim variables.
Definition: eval.h:35
Definition: eval.h:54
Definition: eval.h:132
All recognized msgpack types.
Definition: eval.h:124
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Definition: eval.h:131
Definition: eval.h:36
Definition: eval.h:80
Definition: eval.h:111
Definition: eval.h:101
const list_T * eval_msgpack_type_lists[LAST_MSGPACK_TYPE+1]
Array mapping values from MessagePackType to corresponding list pointers.
Definition: eval.c:524
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Definition: eval.h:53
int(* ArgvFunc)(int current_argcount, typval_T *argv, int called_func_argcount)
Definition: eval.h:142
Definition: eval.h:52
Definition: eval.h:41
Definition: eval.h:88
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