Data Fields
Channel Struct Reference

#include <channel.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t id
size_t refcount
ChannelStreamType streamtype
union {
   Process   proc
   LibuvProcess   uv
   PtyProcess   pty
   Stream   socket
   StdioPair   stdio
   StderrState   err
   InternalState   internal
bool is_rpc
RpcState rpc
CallbackReader on_data
CallbackReader on_stderr
Callback on_exit
int exit_status
bool callback_busy
bool callback_scheduled

Field Documentation

◆ callback_busy

bool Channel::callback_busy

◆ callback_scheduled

bool Channel::callback_scheduled

◆ err

StderrState Channel::err

◆ events

MultiQueue* Channel::events

◆ exit_status

int Channel::exit_status

◆ id

uint64_t Channel::id

◆ internal

InternalState Channel::internal

◆ is_rpc

bool Channel::is_rpc

◆ on_data

CallbackReader Channel::on_data

◆ on_exit

Callback Channel::on_exit

◆ on_stderr

CallbackReader Channel::on_stderr

◆ proc

Process Channel::proc

◆ pty

PtyProcess Channel::pty

◆ refcount

size_t Channel::refcount

◆ rpc

RpcState Channel::rpc

◆ socket

Stream Channel::socket

◆ stdio

StdioPair Channel::stdio

◆ stream

union { ... } Channel::stream

◆ streamtype

ChannelStreamType Channel::streamtype

◆ term

Terminal* Channel::term

◆ uv

LibuvProcess Channel::uv

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