Data Fields
Decoration Struct Reference

#include <decoration.h>

Data Fields

VirtText virt_text
VirtLines virt_lines
int hl_id
VirtTextPos virt_text_pos
HlMode hl_mode
bool virt_text_hide
bool hl_eol
bool virt_lines_above
bool conceal
DecorPriority priority
int col
int virt_text_width
int sign_hl_id
int number_hl_id
int line_hl_id
int cursorline_hl_id
int conceal_char
bool ui_watched

Field Documentation

◆ col

int Decoration::col

◆ conceal

bool Decoration::conceal

◆ conceal_char

int Decoration::conceal_char

◆ cursorline_hl_id

int Decoration::cursorline_hl_id

◆ hl_eol

bool Decoration::hl_eol

◆ hl_id

int Decoration::hl_id

◆ hl_mode

HlMode Decoration::hl_mode

◆ line_hl_id

int Decoration::line_hl_id

◆ number_hl_id

int Decoration::number_hl_id

◆ priority

DecorPriority Decoration::priority

◆ sign_hl_id

int Decoration::sign_hl_id

◆ sign_text

char_u* Decoration::sign_text

◆ ui_watched

bool Decoration::ui_watched

◆ virt_lines

VirtLines Decoration::virt_lines

◆ virt_lines_above

bool Decoration::virt_lines_above

◆ virt_text

VirtText Decoration::virt_text

◆ virt_text_hide

bool Decoration::virt_text_hide

◆ virt_text_pos

VirtTextPos Decoration::virt_text_pos

◆ virt_text_width

int Decoration::virt_text_width

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