Data Fields
ScreenGrid Struct Reference

#include <grid_defs.h>

Data Fields

handle_T handle
size_t * line_offset
int * dirty_col
int rows
int cols
bool valid
bool throttled
int row_offset
int col_offset
bool blending
bool focusable
int zindex
int comp_row
int comp_col
int comp_width
int comp_height
size_t comp_index
bool comp_disabled

Field Documentation

◆ attrs

sattr_T* ScreenGrid::attrs

◆ blending

bool ScreenGrid::blending

◆ chars

schar_T* ScreenGrid::chars

◆ col_offset

int ScreenGrid::col_offset

◆ cols

int ScreenGrid::cols

◆ comp_col

int ScreenGrid::comp_col

◆ comp_disabled

bool ScreenGrid::comp_disabled

◆ comp_height

int ScreenGrid::comp_height

◆ comp_index

size_t ScreenGrid::comp_index

◆ comp_row

int ScreenGrid::comp_row

◆ comp_width

int ScreenGrid::comp_width

◆ dirty_col

int* ScreenGrid::dirty_col

◆ focusable

bool ScreenGrid::focusable

◆ handle

handle_T ScreenGrid::handle

◆ line_offset

size_t* ScreenGrid::line_offset

◆ line_wraps

char_u* ScreenGrid::line_wraps

◆ row_offset

int ScreenGrid::row_offset

◆ rows

int ScreenGrid::rows

◆ target

ScreenGrid* ScreenGrid::target

◆ throttled

bool ScreenGrid::throttled

◆ valid

bool ScreenGrid::valid

◆ zindex

int ScreenGrid::zindex

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