Data Fields
afffile_S Struct Reference

Data Fields

int af_flagtype
unsigned af_rare
unsigned af_keepcase
unsigned af_bad
unsigned af_needaffix
unsigned af_circumfix
unsigned af_needcomp
unsigned af_comproot
unsigned af_compforbid
unsigned af_comppermit
unsigned af_nosuggest
int af_pfxpostpone
bool af_ignoreextra
hashtab_T af_pref
hashtab_T af_suff
hashtab_T af_comp

Field Documentation

◆ af_bad

unsigned afffile_S::af_bad

◆ af_circumfix

unsigned afffile_S::af_circumfix

◆ af_comp

hashtab_T afffile_S::af_comp

◆ af_compforbid

unsigned afffile_S::af_compforbid

◆ af_comppermit

unsigned afffile_S::af_comppermit

◆ af_comproot

unsigned afffile_S::af_comproot

◆ af_enc

char_u* afffile_S::af_enc

◆ af_flagtype

int afffile_S::af_flagtype

◆ af_ignoreextra

bool afffile_S::af_ignoreextra

◆ af_keepcase

unsigned afffile_S::af_keepcase

◆ af_needaffix

unsigned afffile_S::af_needaffix

◆ af_needcomp

unsigned afffile_S::af_needcomp

◆ af_nosuggest

unsigned afffile_S::af_nosuggest

◆ af_pfxpostpone

int afffile_S::af_pfxpostpone

◆ af_pref

hashtab_T afffile_S::af_pref

◆ af_rare

unsigned afffile_S::af_rare

◆ af_suff

hashtab_T afffile_S::af_suff

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