Data Fields
block0 Struct Reference

Data Fields

char_u b0_id [2]
 ID for block 0: BLOCK0_ID0 and BLOCK0_ID1. More...
char_u b0_version [10]
char_u b0_page_size [4]
char_u b0_mtime [4]
char_u b0_ino [4]
char_u b0_pid [4]
char_u b0_uname [B0_UNAME_SIZE]
char_u b0_hname [B0_HNAME_SIZE]
char_u b0_fname [B0_FNAME_SIZE_ORG]
long b0_magic_long
int b0_magic_int
short b0_magic_short
char_u b0_magic_char

Field Documentation

◆ b0_fname

char_u block0::b0_fname[B0_FNAME_SIZE_ORG]

◆ b0_hname

char_u block0::b0_hname[B0_HNAME_SIZE]

◆ b0_id

char_u block0::b0_id[2]

ID for block 0: BLOCK0_ID0 and BLOCK0_ID1.

◆ b0_ino

char_u block0::b0_ino[4]

◆ b0_magic_char

char_u block0::b0_magic_char

◆ b0_magic_int

int block0::b0_magic_int

◆ b0_magic_long

long block0::b0_magic_long

◆ b0_magic_short

short block0::b0_magic_short

◆ b0_mtime

char_u block0::b0_mtime[4]

◆ b0_page_size

char_u block0::b0_page_size[4]

◆ b0_pid

char_u block0::b0_pid[4]

◆ b0_uname

char_u block0::b0_uname[B0_UNAME_SIZE]

◆ b0_version

char_u block0::b0_version[10]

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