Data Fields
block_def Struct Reference

Data Fields

int startspaces
int endspaces
int textlen
colnr_T textcol
colnr_T start_vcol
colnr_T end_vcol
int is_short
int is_MAX
int is_oneChar
int pre_whitesp
int pre_whitesp_c
colnr_T end_char_vcols
colnr_T start_char_vcols

Field Documentation

◆ end_char_vcols

colnr_T block_def::end_char_vcols

◆ end_vcol

colnr_T block_def::end_vcol

◆ endspaces

int block_def::endspaces

◆ is_MAX

int block_def::is_MAX

◆ is_oneChar

int block_def::is_oneChar

◆ is_short

int block_def::is_short

◆ pre_whitesp

int block_def::pre_whitesp

◆ pre_whitesp_c

int block_def::pre_whitesp_c

◆ start_char_vcols

colnr_T block_def::start_char_vcols

◆ start_vcol

colnr_T block_def::start_vcol

◆ startspaces

int block_def::startspaces

◆ textcol

colnr_T block_def::textcol

◆ textlen

int block_def::textlen

◆ textstart

char_u* block_def::textstart

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