Data Fields
cmdarg_S Struct Reference

#include <normal.h>

Data Fields

int prechar
int cmdchar
int nchar
int ncharC1
int ncharC2
int extra_char
long opcount
long count0
long count1
int arg
int retval

Field Documentation

◆ arg

int cmdarg_S::arg

◆ cmdchar

int cmdarg_S::cmdchar

◆ count0

long cmdarg_S::count0

◆ count1

long cmdarg_S::count1

◆ extra_char

int cmdarg_S::extra_char

◆ nchar

int cmdarg_S::nchar

◆ ncharC1

int cmdarg_S::ncharC1

◆ ncharC2

int cmdarg_S::ncharC2

◆ oap

oparg_T* cmdarg_S::oap

◆ opcount

long cmdarg_S::opcount

◆ prechar

int cmdarg_S::prechar

◆ retval

int cmdarg_S::retval

◆ searchbuf

char_u* cmdarg_S::searchbuf

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