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funccall_S Struct Reference

#include <typval.h>

Public Member Functions

 Fixed variables for arguments. More...

Data Fields

 Function being called. More...
int linenr
 Next line to be executed. More...
int returned
dict_T l_vars
 l: local function variables. More...
ScopeDictDictItem l_vars_var
 Variable for l: scope. More...
dict_T l_avars
 a: argument variables. More...
ScopeDictDictItem l_avars_var
 Variable for a: scope. More...
list_T l_varlist
 List for a:000. More...
listitem_T l_listitems [MAX_FUNC_ARGS]
 List items for a:000. More...
 Return value. More...
linenr_T breakpoint
 Next line with breakpoint or zero. More...
int dbg_tick
 Debug_tick when breakpoint was set. More...
int level
 Top nesting level of executed function. More...
proftime_T prof_child
 Time spent in a child. More...
 Calling function or NULL. More...
int fc_refcount
 Number of user functions that reference this funccall. More...
int fc_copyID
 CopyID used for garbage collection. More...
garray_T fc_funcs
 List of ufunc_T* which keep a reference to "func". More...

Member Function Documentation


Fixed variables for arguments.

Field Documentation

linenr_T funccall_S::breakpoint

Next line with breakpoint or zero.

funccall_T* funccall_S::caller

Calling function or NULL.

int funccall_S::dbg_tick

Debug_tick when breakpoint was set.

int funccall_S::fc_copyID

CopyID used for garbage collection.

garray_T funccall_S::fc_funcs

List of ufunc_T* which keep a reference to "func".

int funccall_S::fc_refcount

Number of user functions that reference this funccall.

ufunc_T* funccall_S::func

Function being called.

dict_T funccall_S::l_avars

a: argument variables.

ScopeDictDictItem funccall_S::l_avars_var

Variable for a: scope.

listitem_T funccall_S::l_listitems[MAX_FUNC_ARGS]

List items for a:000.

list_T funccall_S::l_varlist

List for a:000.

dict_T funccall_S::l_vars

l: local function variables.

ScopeDictDictItem funccall_S::l_vars_var

Variable for l: scope.

int funccall_S::level

Top nesting level of executed function.

int funccall_S::linenr

Next line to be executed.

proftime_T funccall_S::prof_child

Time spent in a child.

typval_T* funccall_S::rettv

Return value.

int funccall_S::returned

":return" used.

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