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hashmap Struct Reference

Data Structures

struct  entry

Data Fields

int nr
int alloc
struct hashmap::entryentries
struct hashmap::entryfirst
struct hashmap::entrylast
unsigned long has_matches
const xpparam_txpp

Field Documentation

◆ alloc

int hashmap::alloc

◆ entries

struct hashmap::entry * hashmap::entries

◆ env

xdfenv_t* hashmap::env

◆ file1

mmfile_t* hashmap::file1

◆ file2

mmfile_t * hashmap::file2

◆ first

struct hashmap::entry * hashmap::first

◆ has_matches

unsigned long hashmap::has_matches

◆ last

struct hashmap::entry * hashmap::last

◆ nr

int hashmap::nr

◆ xpp

const xpparam_t* hashmap::xpp

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