Data Fields
hashtable_S Struct Reference

#include <hashtab.h>

Data Fields

hash_T ht_mask
size_t ht_used
size_t ht_filled
 number of items used More...
int ht_locked
 number of items used or removed More...
 counter for hash_lock() More...
hashitem_T ht_smallarray [HT_INIT_SIZE]

Detailed Description

An array-based hashtable.

Keys are NUL terminated strings. They cannot be repeated within a table. Values are of any type.

The hashtable grows to accommodate more entries when needed.

Field Documentation

◆ ht_array

hashitem_T* hashtable_S::ht_array

counter for hash_lock()

◆ ht_filled

size_t hashtable_S::ht_filled

number of items used

◆ ht_locked

int hashtable_S::ht_locked

number of items used or removed

◆ ht_mask

hash_T hashtable_S::ht_mask

◆ ht_smallarray

hashitem_T hashtable_S::ht_smallarray[HT_INIT_SIZE]

points to the array, allocated when it's not "ht_smallarray"

◆ ht_used

size_t hashtable_S::ht_used

mask used for hash value (nr of items in array is "ht_mask" + 1)

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