Data Fields
insert_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

VimState state
int mincol
int cmdchar
int startln
long count
int c
int lastc
int i
bool did_backspace
bool line_is_white
linenr_T old_topline
int old_topfill
int inserted_space
int replaceState
int did_restart_edit
bool nomove

Field Documentation

int insert_state::c
cmdarg_T* insert_state::ca
int insert_state::cmdchar
long insert_state::count
bool insert_state::did_backspace
int insert_state::did_restart_edit
int insert_state::i
int insert_state::inserted_space
int insert_state::lastc
bool insert_state::line_is_white
int insert_state::mincol
bool insert_state::nomove
int insert_state::old_topfill
linenr_T insert_state::old_topline
char_u* insert_state::ptr
int insert_state::replaceState
int insert_state::startln
VimState insert_state::state

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