Data Fields
langmap_entry_T Struct Reference

Data Fields

int from
int to

Detailed Description

Any character has an equivalent 'langmap' character. This is used for keyboards that have a special language mode that sends characters above 128 (although other characters can be translated too). The "to" field is a Vim command character. This avoids having to switch the keyboard back to ASCII mode when leaving Insert mode.

langmap_mapchar[] maps any of 256 chars to an ASCII char used for Vim commands. langmap_mapga.ga_data is a sorted table of langmap_entry_T. This does the same as langmap_mapchar[] for characters >= 256.

With multi-byte support use growarray for 'langmap' chars >= 256

Field Documentation

◆ from

int langmap_entry_T::from

◆ to

int langmap_entry_T::to

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