Data Fields
mparm_T Struct Reference

#include <main.h>

Data Fields

int argc
char ** argv
char * use_vimrc
bool clean
int n_commands
char * commands [MAX_ARG_CMDS]
char_u cmds_tofree [MAX_ARG_CMDS]
int n_pre_commands
char * pre_commands [MAX_ARG_CMDS]
int edit_type
bool input_isatty
bool output_isatty
bool err_isatty
int no_swap_file
int use_debug_break_level
int window_count
int window_layout
int diff_mode
char * listen_addr

Field Documentation

int mparm_T::argc
char** mparm_T::argv
bool mparm_T::clean
char_u mparm_T::cmds_tofree[MAX_ARG_CMDS]
char* mparm_T::commands[MAX_ARG_CMDS]
int mparm_T::diff_mode
int mparm_T::edit_type
bool mparm_T::err_isatty
bool mparm_T::input_isatty
char* mparm_T::listen_addr
int mparm_T::n_commands
int mparm_T::n_pre_commands
int mparm_T::no_swap_file
bool mparm_T::output_isatty
char* mparm_T::pre_commands[MAX_ARG_CMDS]
char_u* mparm_T::tagname
int mparm_T::use_debug_break_level
char_u* mparm_T::use_ef
char* mparm_T::use_vimrc
int mparm_T::window_count
int mparm_T::window_layout

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