Data Fields
nfa_list_T Struct Reference

Data Fields

 allocated array of states More...
int n
 nr of states currently in "t" More...
int len
 max nr of states in "t" More...
int id
 ID of the list. More...
int has_pim
 true when any state has a PIM More...

Field Documentation

◆ has_pim

int nfa_list_T::has_pim

true when any state has a PIM

◆ id

int nfa_list_T::id

ID of the list.

◆ len

int nfa_list_T::len

max nr of states in "t"

◆ n

int nfa_list_T::n

nr of states currently in "t"

◆ t

nfa_thread_T* nfa_list_T::t

allocated array of states

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