Data Fields
normal_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

VimState state
bool command_finished
bool ctrl_w
bool need_flushbuf
bool set_prevcount
bool previous_got_int
bool cmdwin
bool noexmode
bool toplevel
oparg_T oa
cmdarg_T ca
int mapped_len
int old_mapped_len
int idx
int c
int old_col
pos_T old_pos

Field Documentation

int normal_state::c
cmdarg_T normal_state::ca
bool normal_state::cmdwin
bool normal_state::command_finished
bool normal_state::ctrl_w
int normal_state::idx
int normal_state::mapped_len
bool normal_state::need_flushbuf
bool normal_state::noexmode
oparg_T normal_state::oa
int normal_state::old_col
int normal_state::old_mapped_len
pos_T normal_state::old_pos
bool normal_state::previous_got_int
bool normal_state::set_prevcount
VimState normal_state::state
bool normal_state::toplevel

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