Data Fields
oparg_S Struct Reference

#include <normal.h>

Data Fields

int op_type
int regname
MotionType motion_type
int motion_force
bool use_reg_one
bool inclusive
bool end_adjusted
pos_T start
pos_T end
pos_T cursor_start
long line_count
bool empty
bool is_VIsual
colnr_T start_vcol
colnr_T end_vcol
long prev_opcount
long prev_count0
bool excl_tr_ws

Field Documentation

◆ cursor_start

pos_T oparg_S::cursor_start

◆ empty

bool oparg_S::empty

◆ end

pos_T oparg_S::end

◆ end_adjusted

bool oparg_S::end_adjusted

◆ end_vcol

colnr_T oparg_S::end_vcol

◆ excl_tr_ws

bool oparg_S::excl_tr_ws

◆ inclusive

bool oparg_S::inclusive

◆ is_VIsual

bool oparg_S::is_VIsual

◆ line_count

long oparg_S::line_count

◆ motion_force

int oparg_S::motion_force

◆ motion_type

MotionType oparg_S::motion_type

◆ op_type

int oparg_S::op_type

◆ prev_count0

long oparg_S::prev_count0

◆ prev_opcount

long oparg_S::prev_opcount

◆ regname

int oparg_S::regname

◆ start

pos_T oparg_S::start

◆ start_vcol

colnr_T oparg_S::start_vcol

◆ use_reg_one

bool oparg_S::use_reg_one

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