Data Fields
partial_S Struct Reference

#include <typval.h>

Data Fields

int pt_refcount
 Reference count. More...
 Function name; when NULL use pt_func->name. More...
bool pt_auto
int pt_argc
 Number of arguments. More...
 Arguments in allocated array. More...
 Dict for "self". More...

Field Documentation

◆ pt_argc

int partial_S::pt_argc

Number of arguments.

◆ pt_argv

typval_T* partial_S::pt_argv

Arguments in allocated array.

◆ pt_auto

bool partial_S::pt_auto

When true the partial was created by using dict.member in handle_subscript().

◆ pt_dict

dict_T* partial_S::pt_dict

Dict for "self".

◆ pt_func

ufunc_T* partial_S::pt_func

Function pointer; when NULL lookup function with pt_name.

◆ pt_name

char_u* partial_S::pt_name

Function name; when NULL use pt_func->name.

◆ pt_refcount

int partial_S::pt_refcount

Reference count.

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