Data Fields
process Struct Reference

#include <process.h>

Data Fields

ProcessType type
int pid
int status
int refcount
uint8_t exit_signal
uint64_t stopped_time
const char * cwd
char ** argv
Stream in
Stream out
Stream err
process_exit_cb cb
 Exit handler. If set, user must call process_free(). More...
internal_process_cb internal_exit_cb
internal_process_cb internal_close_cb
bool closed
bool detach
bool overlapped

Field Documentation

◆ argv

char** process::argv

◆ cb

process_exit_cb process::cb

Exit handler. If set, user must call process_free().

◆ closed

bool process::closed

◆ cwd

const char* process::cwd

◆ data

void* process::data

◆ detach

bool process::detach

◆ env

dict_T* process::env

◆ err

Stream process::err

◆ events

MultiQueue* process::events

◆ exit_signal

uint8_t process::exit_signal

◆ in

Stream process::in

◆ internal_close_cb

internal_process_cb process::internal_close_cb

◆ internal_exit_cb

internal_process_cb process::internal_exit_cb

◆ loop

Loop* process::loop

◆ out

Stream process::out

◆ overlapped

bool process::overlapped

◆ pid

int process::pid

◆ refcount

int process::refcount

◆ status

int process::status

◆ stopped_time

uint64_t process::stopped_time

◆ type

ProcessType process::type

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