Data Fields
pty_process Struct Reference

#include <pty_process_unix.h>

Data Fields

Process process
uint16_t width
uint16_t height
struct winsize winsize
int tty_fd
union {
   winpty_t *   winpty
   conpty_t *   conpty
PtyType type
HANDLE finish_wait
HANDLE process_handle
uv_timer_t wait_eof_timer

Field Documentation

◆ conpty

conpty_t* pty_process::conpty

◆ finish_wait

HANDLE pty_process::finish_wait

◆ height

uint16_t pty_process::height

◆ object

union { ... } pty_process::object

◆ process

Process pty_process::process

◆ process_handle

HANDLE pty_process::process_handle

◆ tty_fd

int pty_process::tty_fd

◆ type

PtyType pty_process::type

◆ wait_eof_timer

uv_timer_t pty_process::wait_eof_timer

◆ width

uint16_t pty_process::width

◆ winpty

winpty_t* pty_process::winpty

◆ winsize

struct winsize pty_process::winsize

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