Data Fields
qf_info_S Struct Reference

Data Fields

int qf_refcount
int qf_listcount
int qf_curlist
qf_list_T qf_lists [LISTCOUNT]
qfltype_T qfl_type
int qf_bufnr

Detailed Description

Quickfix/Location list stack definition Contains a list of quickfix/location lists (qf_list_T)

Field Documentation

◆ qf_bufnr

int qf_info_S::qf_bufnr

◆ qf_curlist

int qf_info_S::qf_curlist

◆ qf_listcount

int qf_info_S::qf_listcount

◆ qf_lists

qf_list_T qf_info_S::qf_lists[LISTCOUNT]

◆ qf_refcount

int qf_info_S::qf_refcount

◆ qfl_type

qfltype_T qf_info_S::qfl_type

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