Data Fields
qf_list_S Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned qf_id
 Unique identifier for this list. More...
qfltype_T qfl_type
 pointer to the first error More...
 pointer to the last error More...
 pointer to the current error More...
int qf_count
 number of errors (0 means empty list) More...
int qf_index
 current index in the error list More...
int qf_nonevalid
 TRUE if not a single valid entry found. More...
char * qf_title
 context set by setqflist/setloclist More...
Callback qf_qftf_cb
 'quickfixtextfunc' callback function More...
struct dir_stack_Tqf_dir_stack
char * qf_directory
struct dir_stack_Tqf_file_stack
char * qf_currfile
bool qf_multiline
bool qf_multiignore
bool qf_multiscan
long qf_changedtick

Detailed Description

Quickfix/Location list definition

Usually the list contains one or more entries. But an empty list can be created using setqflist()/setloclist() with a title and/or user context information and entries can be added later using setqflist()/setloclist().

Field Documentation

◆ qf_changedtick

long qf_list_S::qf_changedtick

◆ qf_count

int qf_list_S::qf_count

number of errors (0 means empty list)

◆ qf_ctx

typval_T* qf_list_S::qf_ctx

context set by setqflist/setloclist

◆ qf_currfile

char* qf_list_S::qf_currfile

◆ qf_dir_stack

struct dir_stack_T* qf_list_S::qf_dir_stack

◆ qf_directory

char* qf_list_S::qf_directory

◆ qf_file_stack

struct dir_stack_T* qf_list_S::qf_file_stack

◆ qf_id

unsigned qf_list_S::qf_id

Unique identifier for this list.

◆ qf_index

int qf_list_S::qf_index

current index in the error list

◆ qf_last

qfline_T* qf_list_S::qf_last

pointer to the last error

◆ qf_multiignore

bool qf_list_S::qf_multiignore

◆ qf_multiline

bool qf_list_S::qf_multiline

◆ qf_multiscan

bool qf_list_S::qf_multiscan

◆ qf_nonevalid

int qf_list_S::qf_nonevalid

TRUE if not a single valid entry found.

◆ qf_ptr

qfline_T* qf_list_S::qf_ptr

pointer to the current error

◆ qf_qftf_cb

Callback qf_list_S::qf_qftf_cb

'quickfixtextfunc' callback function

◆ qf_start

qfline_T* qf_list_S::qf_start

pointer to the first error

◆ qf_title

char* qf_list_S::qf_title

title derived from the command that created the error list or set by setqflist

◆ qfl_type

qfltype_T qf_list_S::qfl_type

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