Data Fields
qffields_T Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * namebuf
char * module
char * errmsg
size_t errmsglen
linenr_T lnum
linenr_T end_lnum
int col
int end_col
bool use_viscol
char * pattern
int enr
char type
bool valid

Field Documentation

◆ col

int qffields_T::col

◆ end_col

int qffields_T::end_col

◆ end_lnum

linenr_T qffields_T::end_lnum

◆ enr

int qffields_T::enr

◆ errmsg

char* qffields_T::errmsg

◆ errmsglen

size_t qffields_T::errmsglen

◆ lnum

linenr_T qffields_T::lnum

◆ module

char* qffields_T::module

◆ namebuf

char* qffields_T::namebuf

◆ pattern

char* qffields_T::pattern

◆ type

char qffields_T::type

◆ use_viscol

bool qffields_T::use_viscol

◆ valid

bool qffields_T::valid

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