Data Fields
regmmatch_T Struct Reference

#include <regexp_defs.h>

Data Fields

lpos_T startpos [NSUBEXP]
lpos_T endpos [NSUBEXP]
int rmm_ic
colnr_T rmm_maxcol

Detailed Description

Structure to be used for multi-line matching. Sub-match "no" starts in line "startpos[no].lnum" column "startpos[no].col" and ends in line "endpos[no].lnum" just before column "endpos[no].col". The line numbers are relative to the first line, thus startpos[0].lnum is always 0. When there is no match, the line number is -1.

Field Documentation

lpos_T regmmatch_T::endpos[NSUBEXP]
regprog_T* regmmatch_T::regprog
int regmmatch_T::rmm_ic
colnr_T regmmatch_T::rmm_maxcol
lpos_T regmmatch_T::startpos[NSUBEXP]

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