Data Fields
s_xdfile Struct Reference

#include <xtypes.h>

Data Fields

chastore_t rcha
long nrec
unsigned int hbits
xrecord_t ** rhash
long dstart
long dend
xrecord_t ** recs
char * rchg
long * rindex
long nreff
unsigned long * ha

Field Documentation

long s_xdfile::dend
long s_xdfile::dstart
unsigned long* s_xdfile::ha
unsigned int s_xdfile::hbits
long s_xdfile::nrec
long s_xdfile::nreff
chastore_t s_xdfile::rcha
char* s_xdfile::rchg
xrecord_t** s_xdfile::recs
xrecord_t** s_xdfile::rhash
long* s_xdfile::rindex

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