Data Fields
suginfo_S Struct Reference

Data Fields

garray_T su_ga
int su_maxcount
int su_maxscore
int su_sfmaxscore
garray_T su_sga
int su_badlen
int su_badflags
char_u su_badword [MAXWLEN]
char_u su_fbadword [MAXWLEN]
char_u su_sal_badword [MAXWLEN]
hashtab_T su_banned

Field Documentation

◆ su_badflags

int suginfo_S::su_badflags

◆ su_badlen

int suginfo_S::su_badlen

◆ su_badptr

char_u* suginfo_S::su_badptr

◆ su_badword

char_u suginfo_S::su_badword[MAXWLEN]

◆ su_banned

hashtab_T suginfo_S::su_banned

◆ su_fbadword

char_u suginfo_S::su_fbadword[MAXWLEN]

◆ su_ga

garray_T suginfo_S::su_ga

◆ su_maxcount

int suginfo_S::su_maxcount

◆ su_maxscore

int suginfo_S::su_maxscore

◆ su_sal_badword

char_u suginfo_S::su_sal_badword[MAXWLEN]

◆ su_sallang

slang_T* suginfo_S::su_sallang

◆ su_sfmaxscore

int suginfo_S::su_sfmaxscore

◆ su_sga

garray_T suginfo_S::su_sga

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