Data Fields
timer_T Struct Reference

#include <eval.h>

Data Fields

TimeWatcher tw
int timer_id
int repeat_count
int refcount
int emsg_count
 Errors in a repeating timer. More...
long timeout
bool stopped
bool paused
Callback callback

Field Documentation

◆ callback

Callback timer_T::callback

◆ emsg_count

int timer_T::emsg_count

Errors in a repeating timer.

◆ paused

bool timer_T::paused

◆ refcount

int timer_T::refcount

◆ repeat_count

int timer_T::repeat_count

◆ stopped

bool timer_T::stopped

◆ timeout

long timer_T::timeout

◆ timer_id

int timer_T::timer_id

◆ tw

TimeWatcher timer_T::tw

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