Data Fields
trystate_S Struct Reference

#include <spell_defs.h>

Data Fields

state_T ts_state
int ts_score
idx_T ts_arridx
int16_t ts_curi
char_u ts_fidx
char_u ts_fidxtry
char_u ts_twordlen
char_u ts_prefixdepth
char_u ts_flags
char_u ts_tcharlen
char_u ts_tcharidx
char_u ts_isdiff
char_u ts_fcharstart
char_u ts_prewordlen
char_u ts_splitoff
char_u ts_splitfidx
char_u ts_complen
char_u ts_compsplit
char_u ts_save_badflags
char_u ts_delidx

Field Documentation

◆ ts_arridx

idx_T trystate_S::ts_arridx

◆ ts_complen

char_u trystate_S::ts_complen

◆ ts_compsplit

char_u trystate_S::ts_compsplit

◆ ts_curi

int16_t trystate_S::ts_curi

◆ ts_delidx

char_u trystate_S::ts_delidx

◆ ts_fcharstart

char_u trystate_S::ts_fcharstart

◆ ts_fidx

char_u trystate_S::ts_fidx

◆ ts_fidxtry

char_u trystate_S::ts_fidxtry

◆ ts_flags

char_u trystate_S::ts_flags

◆ ts_isdiff

char_u trystate_S::ts_isdiff

◆ ts_prefixdepth

char_u trystate_S::ts_prefixdepth

◆ ts_prewordlen

char_u trystate_S::ts_prewordlen

◆ ts_save_badflags

char_u trystate_S::ts_save_badflags

◆ ts_score

int trystate_S::ts_score

◆ ts_splitfidx

char_u trystate_S::ts_splitfidx

◆ ts_splitoff

char_u trystate_S::ts_splitoff

◆ ts_state

state_T trystate_S::ts_state

◆ ts_tcharidx

char_u trystate_S::ts_tcharidx

◆ ts_tcharlen

char_u trystate_S::ts_tcharlen

◆ ts_twordlen

char_u trystate_S::ts_twordlen

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