Data Fields
window_S Struct Reference

#include <buffer_defs.h>

Data Fields

handle_T handle
 unique identifier for the window More...
 for :ownsyntax More...
int w_hl_id_normal
 'winhighlight' normal id More...
int w_hl_attr_normal
 'winhighlight' normal final attrs More...
int w_hl_ids [HLF_COUNT]
 'winhighlight' id More...
int w_hl_attrs [HLF_COUNT]
 'winhighlight' final attrs More...
int w_hl_needs_update
 attrs need to be recalculated More...
 link to previous window More...
 link to next window More...
bool w_closing
 frame containing this window More...
pos_T w_cursor
 cursor position in buffer More...
colnr_T w_curswant
int w_set_curswant
linenr_T w_last_cursorline
 where last 'cursorline' was drawn More...
pos_T w_last_cursormoved
 for CursorMoved event More...
char w_old_visual_mode
 last known VIsual_mode More...
linenr_T w_old_cursor_lnum
 last known end of visual part More...
colnr_T w_old_cursor_fcol
 first column for block visual part More...
colnr_T w_old_cursor_lcol
 last column for block visual part More...
linenr_T w_old_visual_lnum
 last known start of visual part More...
colnr_T w_old_visual_col
 last known start of visual part More...
colnr_T w_old_curswant
 last known value of Curswant More...
linenr_T w_last_cursor_lnum_rnu
 cursor lnum when 'rnu' was last redrawn More...
struct {
   int   window_S::eol
   int   window_S::ext
   int   window_S::prec
   int   window_S::nbsp
   int   window_S::space
   int   window_S::tab1
 first tab character More...
   int   window_S::tab2
 second tab character More...
   int   window_S::tab3
 third tab character More...
   int   window_S::lead
   int   window_S::trail
   int *   window_S::multispace
   int   window_S::conceal
struct {
   int   window_S::stl
   int   window_S::stlnc
   int   window_S::wbr
   int   window_S::horiz
   int   window_S::horizup
   int   window_S::horizdown
   int   window_S::vert
   int   window_S::vertleft
   int   window_S::vertright
   int   window_S::verthoriz
   int   window_S::fold
   int   window_S::foldopen
 when fold is open More...
   int   window_S::foldclosed
 when fold is closed More...
   int   window_S::foldsep
 continuous fold marker More...
   int   window_S::diff
   int   window_S::msgsep
   int   window_S::eob
linenr_T w_topline
char w_topline_was_set
int w_topfill
int w_old_topfill
bool w_botfill
bool w_old_botfill
colnr_T w_leftcol
colnr_T w_skipcol
linenr_T w_last_topline
 last known value for w_topline More...
colnr_T w_last_leftcol
 last known value for w_leftcol More...
int w_last_width
 last known value for w_width More...
int w_last_height
 last known value for w_height More...
int w_winrow
int w_height
int w_status_height
int w_winbar_height
int w_wincol
int w_width
int w_hsep_height
int w_vsep_width
pos_save_T w_save_cursor
int w_winrow_off
 offset from winrow to the inner window area More...
int w_wincol_off
int w_height_inner
int w_width_inner
int w_height_request
int w_width_request
int w_border_adj [4]
int w_height_outer
int w_width_outer
int w_valid
pos_T w_valid_cursor
colnr_T w_valid_leftcol
bool w_viewport_invalid
int w_cline_height
bool w_cline_folded
int w_cline_row
colnr_T w_virtcol
int w_wrow
int w_wcol
linenr_T w_botline
int w_empty_rows
int w_filler_rows
int w_lines_valid
garray_T w_folds
bool w_fold_manual
bool w_foldinvalid
int w_nrwidth
int w_scwidth
int w_redr_type
int w_upd_rows
linenr_T w_redraw_top
linenr_T w_redraw_bot
bool w_redr_status
bool w_redr_winbar
bool w_redr_border
pos_T w_ru_cursor
colnr_T w_ru_virtcol
linenr_T w_ru_topline
linenr_T w_ru_line_count
int w_ru_topfill
char w_ru_empty
int w_alt_fnum
int w_arg_idx
int w_arg_idx_invalid
winopt_T w_onebuf_opt
winopt_T w_allbuf_opt
uint32_t w_p_stl_flags
uint32_t w_p_wbr_flags
uint32_t w_p_fde_flags
uint32_t w_p_fdt_flags
int * w_p_cc_cols
char_u w_p_culopt_flags
long w_p_siso
long w_p_so
int w_briopt_min
int w_briopt_shift
bool w_briopt_sbr
int w_briopt_list
long w_scbind_pos
ScopeDictDictItem w_winvar
 Variable for "w:" dictionary. More...
 Dictionary with w: variables. More...
pos_T w_pcmark
pos_T w_prev_pcmark
xfmark_T w_jumplist [JUMPLISTSIZE]
int w_jumplistlen
int w_jumplistidx
int w_changelistidx
int w_next_match_id
taggy_T w_tagstack [TAGSTACKSIZE]
int w_tagstackidx
int w_tagstacklen
ScreenGrid w_grid
ScreenGrid w_grid_alloc
bool w_pos_changed
bool w_floating
 whether the window is floating More...
FloatConfig w_float_config
int w_fraction
int w_prev_fraction_row
linenr_T w_nrwidth_line_count
int w_nrwidth_width

Detailed Description

Structure which contains all information that belongs to a window.

All row numbers are relative to the start of the window, except w_winrow.

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