Functions File Reference
#include "nvim/api/private/defs.h"
#include "nvim/func_attr.h"
#include "nvim/ui.h"

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void mode_info_set (Boolean enabled, Array cursor_styles) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void update_menu (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void busy_start (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void busy_stop (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void mouse_on (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void mouse_off (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void mode_change (String mode, Integer mode_idx) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void bell (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void visual_bell (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void suspend (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_BRIDGE_IMPL
void set_title (String title) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void set_icon (String icon) FUNC_API_SINCE(3)
void screenshot (String path) FUNC_API_SINCE(7) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL
void option_set (String name, Object value) FUNC_API_SINCE(4) FUNC_API_BRIDGE_IMPL
void stop (void) FUNC_API_NOEXPORT
void update_fg (Integer fg) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void update_bg (Integer bg) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void update_sp (Integer sp) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void resize (Integer width, Integer height) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void eol_clear (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cursor_goto (Integer row, Integer col) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void put (String str) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void set_scroll_region (Integer top, Integer bot, Integer left, Integer right) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void scroll (Integer count) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void default_colors_set (Integer rgb_fg, Integer rgb_bg, Integer rgb_sp, Integer cterm_fg, Integer cterm_bg) FUNC_API_SINCE(4) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL
void hl_attr_define (Integer id, HlAttrs rgb_attrs, HlAttrs cterm_attrs, Array info) FUNC_API_SINCE(5) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL FUNC_API_BRIDGE_IMPL
void hl_group_set (String name, Integer id) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_BRIDGE_IMPL
void grid_resize (Integer grid, Integer width, Integer height) FUNC_API_SINCE(5) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL FUNC_API_COMPOSITOR_IMPL FUNC_API_CLIENT_IMPL
void grid_clear (Integer grid) FUNC_API_SINCE(5) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL
void grid_cursor_goto (Integer grid, Integer row, Integer col) FUNC_API_SINCE(5) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL FUNC_API_COMPOSITOR_IMPL
void grid_line (Integer grid, Integer row, Integer col_start, Array data) FUNC_API_SINCE(5) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY FUNC_API_CLIENT_IMPL
void grid_scroll (Integer grid, Integer top, Integer bot, Integer left, Integer right, Integer rows, Integer cols) FUNC_API_SINCE(5) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL FUNC_API_COMPOSITOR_IMPL
void grid_destroy (Integer grid) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void raw_line (Integer grid, Integer row, Integer startcol, Integer endcol, Integer clearcol, Integer clearattr, LineFlags flags, const schar_T *chunk, const sattr_T *attrs) FUNC_API_NOEXPORT FUNC_API_COMPOSITOR_IMPL
void event (char *name, Array args, bool *args_consumed) FUNC_API_NOEXPORT
void win_pos (Integer grid, Window win, Integer startrow, Integer startcol, Integer width, Integer height) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void win_float_pos (Integer grid, Window win, String anchor, Integer anchor_grid, Float anchor_row, Float anchor_col, Boolean focusable, Integer zindex) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void win_external_pos (Integer grid, Window win) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void win_hide (Integer grid) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void win_close (Integer grid) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void msg_set_pos (Integer grid, Integer row, Boolean scrolled, String sep_char) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_BRIDGE_IMPL FUNC_API_COMPOSITOR_IMPL
void win_viewport (Integer grid, Window win, Integer topline, Integer botline, Integer curline, Integer curcol, Integer line_count) FUNC_API_SINCE(7) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void win_extmark (Integer grid, Window win, Integer ns_id, Integer mark_id, Integer row, Integer col) FUNC_API_SINCE(10) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void popupmenu_show (Array items, Integer selected, Integer row, Integer col, Integer grid) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void popupmenu_hide (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void popupmenu_select (Integer selected) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void tabline_update (Tabpage current, Array tabs, Buffer current_buffer, Array buffers) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_show (Array content, Integer pos, String firstc, String prompt, Integer indent, Integer level) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_pos (Integer pos, Integer level) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_special_char (String c, Boolean shift, Integer level) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_hide (Integer level) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_block_show (Array lines) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_block_append (Array lines) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void cmdline_block_hide (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void wildmenu_select (Integer selected) FUNC_API_SINCE(3) FUNC_API_REMOTE_IMPL FUNC_API_BRIDGE_IMPL
void msg_show (String kind, Array content, Boolean replace_last) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void msg_clear (void) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void msg_showcmd (Array content) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void msg_showmode (Array content) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void msg_ruler (Array content) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY
void msg_history_show (Array entries) FUNC_API_SINCE(6) FUNC_API_REMOTE_ONLY

Function Documentation

◆ bell()

void bell ( void  )

◆ busy_start()

void busy_start ( void  )

◆ busy_stop()

void busy_stop ( void  )

◆ clear()

void clear ( void  )

◆ cmdline_block_append()

void cmdline_block_append ( Array  lines)

◆ cmdline_block_hide()

void cmdline_block_hide ( void  )

◆ cmdline_block_show()

void cmdline_block_show ( Array  lines)

◆ cmdline_hide()

void cmdline_hide ( Integer  level)

◆ cmdline_pos()

void cmdline_pos ( Integer  pos,
Integer  level 

◆ cmdline_show()

void cmdline_show ( Array  content,
Integer  pos,
String  firstc,
String  prompt,
Integer  indent,
Integer  level 

◆ cmdline_special_char()

void cmdline_special_char ( String  c,
Boolean  shift,
Integer  level 

◆ cursor_goto()

void cursor_goto ( Integer  row,
Integer  col 

◆ default_colors_set()

void default_colors_set ( Integer  rgb_fg,
Integer  rgb_bg,
Integer  rgb_sp,
Integer  cterm_fg,
Integer  cterm_bg 

◆ eol_clear()

void eol_clear ( void  )

◆ event()

void event ( char *  name,
Array  args,
bool args_consumed 

◆ flush()

void flush ( void  )

◆ grid_clear()

void grid_clear ( Integer  grid)

◆ grid_cursor_goto()

void grid_cursor_goto ( Integer  grid,
Integer  row,
Integer  col 

◆ grid_destroy()

void grid_destroy ( Integer  grid)

◆ grid_line()

void grid_line ( Integer  grid,
Integer  row,
Integer  col_start,
Array  data 

◆ grid_resize()

void grid_resize ( Integer  grid,
Integer  width,
Integer  height 

◆ grid_scroll()

void grid_scroll ( Integer  grid,
Integer  top,
Integer  bot,
Integer  left,
Integer  right,
Integer  rows,
Integer  cols 

◆ highlight_set()

void highlight_set ( HlAttrs  attrs)

◆ hl_attr_define()

void hl_attr_define ( Integer  id,
HlAttrs  rgb_attrs,
HlAttrs  cterm_attrs,
Array  info 

◆ hl_group_set()

void hl_group_set ( String  name,
Integer  id 

◆ mode_change()

void mode_change ( String  mode,
Integer  mode_idx 

◆ mode_info_set()

void mode_info_set ( Boolean  enabled,
Array  cursor_styles 

◆ mouse_off()

void mouse_off ( void  )

◆ mouse_on()

void mouse_on ( void  )

◆ msg_clear()

void msg_clear ( void  )

◆ msg_history_show()

void msg_history_show ( Array  entries)

◆ msg_ruler()

void msg_ruler ( Array  content)

◆ msg_set_pos()

void msg_set_pos ( Integer  grid,
Integer  row,
Boolean  scrolled,
String  sep_char 

◆ msg_show()

void msg_show ( String  kind,
Array  content,
Boolean  replace_last 

◆ msg_showcmd()

void msg_showcmd ( Array  content)

◆ msg_showmode()

void msg_showmode ( Array  content)

◆ option_set()

void option_set ( String  name,
Object  value 

◆ popupmenu_hide()

void popupmenu_hide ( void  )

◆ popupmenu_select()

void popupmenu_select ( Integer  selected)

◆ popupmenu_show()

void popupmenu_show ( Array  items,
Integer  selected,
Integer  row,
Integer  col,
Integer  grid 

◆ put()

void put ( String  str)

◆ raw_line()

void raw_line ( Integer  grid,
Integer  row,
Integer  startcol,
Integer  endcol,
Integer  clearcol,
Integer  clearattr,
LineFlags  flags,
const schar_T chunk,
const sattr_T attrs 

◆ resize()

void resize ( Integer  width,
Integer  height 

◆ screenshot()

void screenshot ( String  path)

◆ scroll()

void scroll ( Integer  count)

◆ set_icon()

void set_icon ( String  icon)

◆ set_scroll_region()

void set_scroll_region ( Integer  top,
Integer  bot,
Integer  left,
Integer  right 

◆ set_title()

void set_title ( String  title)

◆ stop()

void stop ( void  )

◆ suspend()

void suspend ( void  )

◆ tabline_update()

void tabline_update ( Tabpage  current,
Array  tabs,
Buffer  current_buffer,
Array  buffers 

◆ update_bg()

void update_bg ( Integer  bg)

◆ update_fg()

void update_fg ( Integer  fg)

◆ update_menu()

void update_menu ( void  )

◆ update_sp()

void update_sp ( Integer  sp)

◆ visual_bell()

void visual_bell ( void  )

◆ wildmenu_hide()

void wildmenu_hide ( void  )

◆ wildmenu_select()

void wildmenu_select ( Integer  selected)

◆ wildmenu_show()

void wildmenu_show ( Array  items)

◆ win_close()

void win_close ( Integer  grid)

◆ win_external_pos()

void win_external_pos ( Integer  grid,
Window  win 

◆ win_extmark()

void win_extmark ( Integer  grid,
Window  win,
Integer  ns_id,
Integer  mark_id,
Integer  row,
Integer  col 

◆ win_float_pos()

void win_float_pos ( Integer  grid,
Window  win,
String  anchor,
Integer  anchor_grid,
Float  anchor_row,
Float  anchor_col,
Boolean  focusable,
Integer  zindex 

◆ win_hide()

void win_hide ( Integer  grid)

◆ win_pos()

void win_pos ( Integer  grid,
Window  win,
Integer  startrow,
Integer  startcol,
Integer  width,
Integer  height 

◆ win_viewport()

void win_viewport ( Integer  grid,
Window  win,
Integer  topline,
Integer  botline,
Integer  curline,
Integer  curcol,
Integer  line_count