Data Fields
typval_T::typval_vval_union Union Reference

#include <typval.h>

Data Fields

varnumber_T v_number
 Number, for VAR_NUMBER. More...
BoolVarValue v_bool
 Bool value, for VAR_BOOL. More...
SpecialVarValue v_special
 Special value, for VAR_SPECIAL. More...
float_T v_float
 Floating-point number, for VAR_FLOAT. More...
 String, for VAR_STRING and VAR_FUNC, can be NULL. More...
 List for VAR_LIST, can be NULL. More...
 Dictionary for VAR_DICT, can be NULL. More...
 Closure: function with args. More...

Field Documentation

BoolVarValue typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_bool

Bool value, for VAR_BOOL.

dict_T* typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_dict

Dictionary for VAR_DICT, can be NULL.

float_T typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_float

Floating-point number, for VAR_FLOAT.

list_T* typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_list

List for VAR_LIST, can be NULL.

varnumber_T typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_number

Number, for VAR_NUMBER.

partial_T* typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_partial

Closure: function with args.

SpecialVarValue typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_special

Special value, for VAR_SPECIAL.

char_u* typval_T::typval_vval_union::v_string

String, for VAR_STRING and VAR_FUNC, can be NULL.

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