xutils.h File Reference

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long xdl_bogosqrt (long n)
int xdl_emit_diffrec (char const *rec, long size, char const *pre, long psize, xdemitcb_t *ecb)
int xdl_cha_init (chastore_t *cha, long isize, long icount)
void xdl_cha_free (chastore_t *cha)
voidxdl_cha_alloc (chastore_t *cha)
long xdl_guess_lines (mmfile_t *mf, long sample)
int xdl_blankline (const char *line, long size, long flags)
int xdl_recmatch (const char *l1, long s1, const char *l2, long s2, long flags)
unsigned long xdl_hash_record (char const **data, char const *top, long flags)
unsigned int xdl_hashbits (unsigned int size)
int xdl_num_out (char *out, long val)
int xdl_emit_hunk_hdr (long s1, long c1, long s2, long c2, const char *func, long funclen, xdemitcb_t *ecb)
int xdl_fall_back_diff (xdfenv_t *diff_env, xpparam_t const *xpp, int line1, int count1, int line2, int count2)

Function Documentation

◆ xdl_blankline()

int xdl_blankline ( const char *  line,
long  size,
long  flags 

◆ xdl_bogosqrt()

long xdl_bogosqrt ( long  n)

◆ xdl_cha_alloc()

void* xdl_cha_alloc ( chastore_t cha)

◆ xdl_cha_free()

void xdl_cha_free ( chastore_t cha)

◆ xdl_cha_init()

int xdl_cha_init ( chastore_t cha,
long  isize,
long  icount 

◆ xdl_emit_diffrec()

int xdl_emit_diffrec ( char const *  rec,
long  size,
char const *  pre,
long  psize,
xdemitcb_t ecb 

◆ xdl_emit_hunk_hdr()

int xdl_emit_hunk_hdr ( long  s1,
long  c1,
long  s2,
long  c2,
const char *  func,
long  funclen,
xdemitcb_t ecb 

◆ xdl_fall_back_diff()

int xdl_fall_back_diff ( xdfenv_t diff_env,
xpparam_t const *  xpp,
int  line1,
int  count1,
int  line2,
int  count2 

◆ xdl_guess_lines()

long xdl_guess_lines ( mmfile_t mf,
long  sample 

◆ xdl_hash_record()

unsigned long xdl_hash_record ( char const **  data,
char const *  top,
long  flags 

◆ xdl_hashbits()

unsigned int xdl_hashbits ( unsigned int  size)

◆ xdl_num_out()

int xdl_num_out ( char *  out,
long  val 

◆ xdl_recmatch()

int xdl_recmatch ( const char *  l1,
long  s1,
const char *  l2,
long  s2,
long  flags