The Vim text editor has been loved by a generation of users.

This is the next generation.

Planned features

More powerful plugins

Neovim plans to think of plugins from the start and provide a system that allows for extension in any language. The idea is to allow plugins to be co-processes that communicate with Vim asynchronously. This allows the plugin to listen for events and to send commands to Vim at any time.

Your old plugins will still work with Neovim as a compatibility layer will be provided. Little to no modification will be required.

Better GUI architecture

Neovim will focus on providing a headless text editing environment. This will allow any GUI to be written that ties into the native GUI of whatever operating system it is running on.

First-class support for embedding

Since Neovim will provide the interface to interacting with text, any program will be able to tap into this potential and be able to include Neovim commands right in the application.

Main sponsors

Getting involved

The development is happening in the GitHub repository. We're discussing the project in IRC (the #neovim channel on and in the Neovim Google Group, so join us there if you'd like to get involved in the development process.


Is it ready to download and run now with all the features?
No. Although some features are a work in progress, Neovim isn't at a stable point. Using Neovim should be done with caution as things may change.
When will a beta be available?
When it's ready.
What ways will we be able to install Neovim?
Neovim hopes to be available through common package managers such as Homebrew for OS X, apt-get, pacman, and yum.
Will Neovim improve upon the default configuration that was found in Vim?
This is being discussed, but the community seems to be in favor of it.
Can I donate to Neovim's development?
Yes you can, take a look at the Donate section to learn more.

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Community polls

Have a say in the development of Neovim by voting in the Community Polls.


SVG and PNG versions of the Neovim logo are available in the following zip file. (1.1 MB)

The Neovim logo by Jason Long is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Supporting the project


Show off your choice in text editor with a set of Neovim stickers created by Unixstickers.

A portion of each purchase will go toward Bram Moolenaar's, the creator of Vim's, charity called ICCF Holland.

All the donations received will go towards the development of Neovim. Any amount donated is very much appreciated by the community.

From time to time, the team will create a bounty for a certain feature or bug with the money donated. If you successfully implement the feature or fix the bug, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.


View the address info on


Donate to the Neovim Team using Bountysource. Bountysource supports Paypal & Google Wallet.