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System Tier Versions Tested versions Linux 1 >= 2.6.32, glibc >= 2.12 Ubuntu 22.04 macOS (Intel) 1 >= 11 macOS 12 macOS (M1) 2 >= 11 macOS 14 Windows 64-bit 1 >= Windows 10 Version 1809 Windows Server 2022 FreeBSD 1 >= 10 FreeBSD 13 OpenBSD 2 >= 7 MinGW 2 MinGW-w64 Windows 64-bit 3 < Windows 10 Version 1809
Note: Windows 10 "Version 1809" or later is required for :terminal. To check your Windows version, run the "winver" command and look for "Version xxxx" (NOT "OS Build").
* Tier 1: Officially supported and tested with CI. Any contributed patch MUST NOT break such systems.
* Tier 2: Officially supported, but not necessarily tested with CI. These systems are maintained to the best of our ability, without being a top priority.
* Tier 3: Not tested and no guarantees, and not all features may work.
IMPORTANT: Before attempting to add support for a new platform please open an issue about it for discussion.
Some common notes when adding support for new platforms:
Cmake is the only supported build system. The platform must be buildable with cmake.
All functionality related to the new platform must be implemented in its own file inside src/nvim/os unless it's already done in a common file, in which case adding an #ifdef is fine.
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