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More powerful plugins

The msgpack API enables structured communication to and from any programming language. Remote plugins run as co-processes that communicate with Neovim safely and asynchronously.

Better out-of-the-box

  • Strong defaults
  • Modern terminal features such as truecolor and bracketed paste
  • Built-in terminal emulator

First-class embedding

GUIs (or TUIs such as readline) can nvim --embed or communicate via named pipe using the discoverable msgpack API.

Drop-in replacement for Vim

Neovim is an extension of Vim: feature-parity and backwards compatibility are high priorities. If you are already familiar with Vim, see :help nvim-from-vim to learn about the differences.


Newsletter #7 - Summer of Road   Published on: 2016-11-01
Newsletter #6 - Ship it!   Published on: 2015-12-09

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Getting involved

Development happens in the GitHub repository. Discuss the project at, IRC (#neovim on or the mailing list.


What is the project status?
The current stable version is 0.1.7. See the wiki for install instructions, milestones for current development progress, and the roadmap for future plans.
Is Neovim trying to turn Vim into an IDE?
With 30% less source-code than Vim, the vision of Neovim is to enable new applications without compromising Vim's traditional roles.
Will Neovim deprecate Vimscript?
Which plugins does Neovim support?
Most Vim plugins, and more. See the related projects wiki page for plugins that take advantage of Neovim features such as job-control.

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SVG and PNG versions of the Neovim logo are available in the following zip file. (1.1 MB)

The Neovim logo by Jason Long is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Supporting the project


You can donate to the Neovim project on Bountysource.


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