The following resources are available for users and developers.



See Installing-Neovim on the wiki.

User Manual

The user manual is available online, or you can view it in Neovim with the :help command.


  • The Neovim wiki is the primary knowledge base for troubleshooting and tips
  • Check the FAQ for common problems and solutions
  • Breaking changes are documented at Following HEAD

If you're stuck, reach out to the Neovim community for help.

Developers & Contributors

Neovim Wiki

The Neovim wiki is the primary source of project-related information.

Developer Documentation

Visit the developer documentation page for up-to-date Doxygen-generated documentation of the project source code.

Clang Report

Clang static analysis is executed on every commit, and results are published to the clang report.

Coverity Report

Coverity static analysis runs daily. To get access, see the contributing guidelines.

Translation Report

An overview of the current status of translations in Neovim is published on the translation report page.