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*deprecated.txt*       Nvim

                             NVIM REFERENCE MANUAL

Nvim                                                             *deprecated*

The items listed below are "deprecated". This means they will be removed in
the future. They should not be used in new scripts, and old scripts should be



*nvim_buf_clear_highlight()*	Use |nvim_buf_clear_namespace()| instead.

*nvim_command_output()*		Use |nvim_exec()| instead.

*nvim_execute_lua()*		Use |nvim_exec_lua()| instead.



*:rviminfo*		Deprecated alias to |:rshada| command.


*:wviminfo*		Deprecated alias to |:wshada| command.

Environment Variables 

*$NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS*	Deprecated in favor of |--listen|.  If both are given,
			$NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS is ignored.


*BufCreate*		Use |BufAdd| instead.

*EncodingChanged*	Never fired; 'encoding' is always "utf-8".

*FileEncoding*		Never fired; equivalent to |EncodingChanged|.

*GUIEnter*		Never fired; use |UIEnter| instead.

*GUIFailed*		Never fired.


*<MouseDown>*		Use <ScrollWheelUp> instead.

*<MouseUp>*		Use <ScrollWheelDown> instead.


*buffer_exists()*	Obsolete name for |bufexists()|.

*buffer_name()*		Obsolete name for |bufname()|.

*buffer_number()*	Obsolete name for |bufnr()|.

*file_readable()*	Obsolete name for |filereadable()|.

*highlight_exists()*	Obsolete name for |hlexists()|.

*highlightID()*		Obsolete name for |hlID()|.

*inputdialog()*		Use |input()| instead.

*jobclose()*		Obsolete name for |chanclose()|

*jobsend()*		Obsolete name for |chansend()|

*last_buffer_nr()*	Obsolete name for bufnr("$").

*rpcstop()*		Deprecated. Instead use |jobstop()| to stop any job,
			or chanclose(id, "rpc") to close RPC communication
			without stopping the job. Use chanclose(id) to close
			any socket.




*:menu-special*		<> notation is always enabled.


*:map-special*		<> notation is always enabled.

Normal commands 


*[f*			Same as "gf".


*'cscopeverbose'*	Enabled by default. Use |:silent| instead.

*'exrc'* *'ex'*		Security risk: downloaded files could include
			a malicious .nvimrc or .exrc file. See 'secure'.
			Recommended alternative: define an autocommand in your
			|vimrc| to set options for a matching directory.
'gdefault'		Enables the |:substitute| flag 'g' by default.

*'fe'*			'fenc'+'enc' before Vim 6.0; no longer used.

*'highlight'* *'hl'*	Names of builtin |highlight-groups| cannot be changed.

*'langnoremap'*		Deprecated alias to 'nolangremap'.


*'viminfo'*		Deprecated alias to 'shada' option.

*'viminfofile'*		Deprecated alias to 'shadafile' option.

UI extensions

*ui-wildmenu*		Use |ui-cmdline| with |ui-popupmenu| instead. Enabled
			by the `ext_wildmenu` |ui-option|. Emits these events:
				["wildmenu_show", items]
				["wildmenu_select", selected]


*b:terminal_job_pid*	PID of the top-level process in a |:terminal|.
			Use `jobpid(&channel)` instead.

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