Google Summer of Code 2019

March 2019

Neovim was again accepted into the Google Summer of Code program. View our page on the GSoC website for details. Our ideas list runneth over! You’re also welcome to propose other ideas in chat or on the ticket tracker.

Results from last year

In our first GSoC ever, we mentored two students who both completed their projects.

Brock Mammen implemented a C# client for Nvim, and even went further with a Nvim extension for Visual Studio! He also made significant improvements to the build system, particularly for Windows/MSVC.

The multigrid project by Utkarsh Maheshwari involved low-level changes to the UI subsystem:

breaks up the screen grid in per-window grids, allows UIs to set different sizes for each window grid and receive grid based events.

The final product was integrated by mentor Björn Linse into the Nvim master branch, providing the foundation for the floating windows feature.

This demo shows the feature being used in a popular plugin to reveal documentation with completion results:

Looking forward

Our mentors are looking forward to your GSoC proposals in the next weeks! The best way to get familiar with Neovim development is to send a pull request to help out with a small bug or feature request. Working with students on pull requests is extremely helpful for determining mentor-student workflow.


Find more updates in the news archive. There's also an RSS feed.

What is Neovim?

Neovim is a Vim-based text editor engineered for extensibility and usability, to encourage new applications and contributions.


Visit or #neovim on to chat with the team.